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Learn more about joining the Homesale Realty team and succeeding with a career in real estate. Known across the central Pennsylvania and Baltimore real estate markets, Homesale Realty supports its real estate agents with exclusive, cutting edge marketing tools allowing them the opportunity to take their real estate careers to the next level.

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Homesale Realty has real estate career opportunities available for service-oriented, success-driven business people. Take a good look at your current career. Are you happy? Does your current career allow you the growth you want for tomorrow? If you answered NO to either of these questions, now is the time to consider a real estate career with Homesale Realty.

5 Reasons Why You Should
be a Real Estate Agent

1) Entrepreneurial - unlimited earning poential
2) You’re the BOSS!
3) No technical skills needed
4) People centric
5) Real Estate market is on the rise

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Ranked #3 in the Homesale National Network
RealTrends lists Homesale as the
#1 Real Estate company...
#25 of the top brokerages in the nation

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